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Welcome to Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas carpet, tile, grout, and natural stone cleaning. We are a family owned and operated franchise with local Las Vegas roots dating back to 1943.  Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas cares about our clients and community. We have a history of being tied to this local area for four generations. For all of your residential, commercial or industrial cleaning needs. Please feel free to call us at 702-533-8215  anytime to schedule an appointment, consultation, or estimate.

Clean Beyond Green… is one of the slogans used by Carbonated Solutions to tout the amazing properties of it’s general cleaner and carpet cleaning system . That’s because unlike other products that have been “altered” in an attempt to become “green”, Carbonated Solutions’ cleaner is an amazingly simple formula derived from food grade ingredients that are already recognized as safer for people, pets, and the environment. Also, unlike other so-called “green” products, this formulation is a remarkably effective cleaner – IT WORKS!

What has remained constant is the need for clean carpets and to keep them that way without compromising safety, effectiveness, convenience, or cost. Carbonated Solutions meets that demand with product answers that are simple, strong, and safe™.

We invite you to explore our “solutions” and our website and to feel free to contact us anytime by phone or email.

Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas

We specialize in green carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, NV. We feel that clean carpet, tile, grout, natural stone and upholstery is not just for appearance, it’s also for health. That is why our proprietary patented carpet and upholstery cleaning solution, NoSoap Series™ is green and completely safe and all natural. Most of the carpet cleaning solutions commonly used by other Las Vegas carpet cleaner’s depend heavily on dangerous chemical’s such as butyl solvents. These Las Vegas carpet cleaner’s must use heavy fragrance’s to mask the strong chemical odor created by their cleaning product’s. Our carpet and upholstery cleaner,  NoSoap Series™, by comparison has no odor, leaves no soapy sticky residue which will attract soiling and leave your carpets crunchy and is completely safe both for you and the environment. To top it off, our Las Vegas carpet cleaning process leaves carpets and upholstery clean and dry in 1-2 hours. Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas’, NoSoap Series™ is perfect for allergy sufferers or anyone concerned about the health of their family.

Our product NoSoap Series™ is wholly comprised of ingredients that are found on the U.S. Food and Drug Administrations “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) list and delivers an amazing degree of carpet cleaning ability. Now… imagine that same cleaning solution is safe for your family and your pet’s and you’ve just envisioned the reality that is Carbonated Solutions!

It is our intention to help you maintain the cleanest, safest home environment for you, your family, your friends and your pets – the ones you care about the most. more info 

Tile and Grout Cleaning Las Vegas

Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas tile and grout cleaning is the leader in the “after care” market of tile and grout cleaning and grout sealing.  The tile and grout cleaning product’s and equipment used, are the latest in tile cleaning technology to bring your tile and grout back to life. Before you have your tile and grout removed and replaced, let Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas show you what cleaning options you have.

Tile and grout cleaning really gives your home an extra layer of cleanliness. If your tile and grout look dirty, people may have a negative impression of your home or  business, regardless of how clean the rest of your home or business is. We have been cleaning tile and grout in Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas since 1996. We are ready to help you see how much cleaner your tile and grout can be.

Especially today no one wants to spend money to have their tile and grout floors retiled. Before you do that, give us a call. We can breathe new life into your old tile and grout floors with our professional tile and grout cleaning system.  more info

Marble, Travertine, and Natural Stone Cleaning, Sealing, Polishing, and Restoration

If everyday wear and tear has removed luster from your natural stone it’s time to call Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas. Our technicians can correct most of the everyday problems that can rob the beauty of your natural stone. Scratches, stains, foot abrasions, acid, moisture, improper maintenance procedures and alkaline can all ruin your Marble, Travertine, and Natural Stone floors. Proper maintenance of your Marble and Natural Stone surface is essential and will help retain it’s magnificent beauty and save you money on restoration and replacement costs in the future. Prolong the life and beauty of floors surface by following routine maintenance options that will help keep them in excellent condition. more info

Las Vegas Water Damage Restoration / Flood Damage Restoration

Don’t let an unexpected flood or water damage become a disaster in your Las Vegas home or business, call Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas! Standing water can be a significant health hazzard. Damage from a flood or water leak onto carpet goes underneath the fibers into the sub floor below and if not properly dried can cause mold and mildew to flourish and can even cause structual damage.

When flood damage happens in Las Vegas call Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas IMMEDIATELY for fast service. Our Las Vegas water damage technicians are thoroughly trained in water removal, structural drying, and flood damage restoration.

If you can not call immediately, call as soon as possible. Our products can help cleanse flooring of mold and mildew that can already be growing in the wet environment. Our Las Vegas water damage restoration techniques go deep to the root of the problem. We will extract the water, apply an antimicrobial treatment, apply structural drying, repair the carpeting, to bring your Las Vegas home or business from what might have been a disaster. more info

Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas is… Simple.Strong.Safe.™

When it comes to cleaning carpets, tile, grout, upholstery, or natural stone. You need a cleaning company with experience you can trust. A cleaning company with a tradition of quality cleaning, safe solutions, and a reputation for innovation. You need Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas.

Thank you for visiting Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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