Anti-Allergen Treatment

Anti-Allergen treatment for Las Vegas residents. Although Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas would not claim to be experts in the overall treatment of allergies, we have taken some time to research the subject in the context of relieving some of the causes and symptoms of the affliction. We have learned that most allergies are not triggered by a small amount of contact with any particular allergen, but are usually triggered when a specific sufferer has exceeded their threshold of exposure to several of the substances to which they react.

Essentially, an allergy sufferer can be in the presence of varying levels of the substances to which they react, without exhibiting any perceptive reaction, until such time as the sufferer exceeds their specific threshold level. The reactive threshold level for most allergy sufferers is passed, when the total exposure duration and substance intensity of all of the substances to which the specific sufferer reacts, exceeds their specific threshold level.

dust-miteAllergic reactions can be triggered by a wide range of substances including grass pollens, tobacco smoke and dust mite droppings. Reactions to allergens can be extremely debilitating and can manifest themselves in various forms, ranging from an inability to breath, to rhinitis, streaming eyes, headaches, nausea and various types of skin sensitivities.

Most people spend about half of their lives indoors at home, either asleep (about 8 hours) or in other activities. If exposure to allergens in this environment, for that amount of time, can be reduced significantly, the prospects are that an allergy sufferer may not reach their threshold of allergic reaction.

Since our core business, and our considerable experience, are in the care of carpet and soft furnishings, we have devoted our research effort into anti-allergen treatment, in the area of dust mites allergies. Dust Mites are microscopic arachnids found anywhere there is dust. One gram of dust can house as many as 500 dust mites. The droppings of these mites are a major source of allergic reaction. Research suggests that hard floor coverings allow these allergens to continuously circulate into the breathing zone, (around head height), as air currents are generated by people moving about.

Carpeting and soft furnishings on the other hand act as filters, trapping these allergens and keeping them away from sufferers. Like any other filter, your carpets and upholstered furniture will need emptying (professional cleaning) on a regular basis.

Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas now offers an Anti-Allergen treatment which is derived from naturally occurring extracts found in plants and trees. It instantly deactivates the allergen found in dust mite droppings by denaturing the substance. This product may be applied by direct spraying on to carpets, drapes or upholstered suites. It can also treat an entire room by an atomizing spray (fogging) treatment.

The first step in eliminating the dust mite allergen is a thorough cleaning of the home, including hot carbonating extraction of the carpets, rugs, upholstery and mattresses, and laundering of bedding covers and drapes.

Following the cleaning of the carpets and fabrics, a product like Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas’ Anti-Allergen Treatment, should be applied to these items to deactivate any remaining dust mite allergens and suppress their harmful effects for some time to come.

Vacuum cleaning of all materials and surfaces should be performed on a regular and frequent basis and, to prevent the vacuum exhaust from redistributing some of the fine dust particles back into the atmosphere of the area, a vacuum cleaner fitted with a High Efficiency Particle (HEPA) filter system, should always be used. Studies by doctors and universities demonstrated that when dust mite droppings are treated with the main active ingredient contained in Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas Dust Mite Anti-Allergen, the allergens are physically neutralized, rendering them harmless to people who display allergic symptoms to dust mite allergens.

The benefits of Anti-Allergen Treatment are:

  • Suitable for carpets, bedding, mattresses and furnishings.

  • It effectively controls major causes of asthma.

  • It is not harmful to humans or animals.

  • It is environmentally friendly.

  • It is not a drug or pesticide.

  • It contains no CFC’s and is fully biodegradable.

  • It is proven in studies by the world’s leading experts to be effective in rendering dust mite allergens harmless.

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