Carpet Stain Protection

Carpet stain protection (like scotchguard) is applied to almost all carpet’s made today. Over time, wear, and cleaning’s, this stain protection will be gone. Carbonated Solutions Carpet Stain Protector is the ultimate in carpet stain protection. An advanced formula of flourochemical’s and acid dye blocker’s form an invisible barrier against dirt and stain’s. Our protector is co-applied to insure added protection from the bottom of the fiber to the top. It gets massaged deep into thecarpet fibers. Most other carpet cleaning companies apply a fine mist of protector after the cleaning. This only touches the tips of the fiber’s wearing off with very little effect. Thats why Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas’ Carpet Stain Protector refreshes the performance of stain resistant carpets, fortifying their ability to resist soiling and staining. Most carpet manufacturers warranties request a copy of cleaning records. In these cleaning record’s or receipt’s they are looking for how far in between you get the carpets cleaned and if a carpet stain protection has been applied.

Your Quality Service Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed or there is no fee. Replacement guaranteed if carpet or upholstery is damaged. If stains reappear, so do we – to remove them. FREE!