Marble Cleaning, Sealing, and Polishing Las Vegas

Marble Cleaning Las Vegas www.carbonatedsolutionsoflasvegas.comCarbonated Solutions of Las Vegas, marble cleaning, sealing, and polishing company in Las Vegas NV. Marble in Las Vegas and Henderson, is a popular choice for floors, showers, tub decks, vanities and counter tops. The use of marble in the kitchen and bathroom, is not as hard or dense as granite. Like many stone products, marble can be etched from acidic liquids, such as coffee, juice and cleaning with harsh and abrasive cleaners. Severe natural stone acid etching can only be repaired by a professional. Sealing your marble helps guard against etching and staining.  Let the professionals at Carbonated Solutions give you a free written estimate and teach you how to properly maintain your marble.

Marble Cleaning Las Vegas

  1. Remove dirt, sand and particles that could scratch the marble. A canister vacuum, handheld vacuum, or sweeping is preferable to pushing an upright across floors, because the wheels can scratch the marble with repeated use.
    • Dry dust mop floors or wipe down counter tops with a soft cloth to remove any leftover particles that could scratch the tile. Take care not to press too hard into the tile, so you don’t push small rocks and dirt into the natural stone.
  2. Wet mop using a traditional mop and bucket or soft flat mop?
    • Marble manufacturers recommend using a neutral Ph marble cleaner. Neutral PH cleaners do not contain any ingredients that could remove the sealant or damage the marble. Dilute the neutral PH marble cleaner according to the manufacturers directions. Home stores and stone dealers sell stone cleaner made for travertine or marble.
    • When using a traditional mops such as cotton string mops or sponge mops. Make sure to change the mop water frequently. Failure to do so can result in just spreading the dirt around. The use of a microfiber dust mop and a neutral PH natural stone cleaner can make marble maintenance and care easier for you.
  3. Remove moisture with a dry mop or soft towel
    • Take care not to use  abrasive materials or harsh cleaners. Cleaning your marble with these cleaning agents may scratch or etch the stone removing the luster of your travertine.
  4. Call a professional marble cleaner if you aren’t seeing results.
    • Our Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas professionals can perform marble cleaning, sealing, polishing or restoration to bring back marble to its original finish. Our cleaning experts provide free in home estimates.


Marble Sealing Las Vegas

Marble is used in flooring, counter tops, showers and back splashes in Southern Nevada. The stone is porous and can stain easily when the pores are not sealed with a quality penetrating sealer. This sealer will keep spills and splashes from soaking into the marble. The porous nature of marble requires the stone to be cleaned and sealed every one to two years. Once natural stone is properly sealed, it’s protected from everyday spills. Instead of being absorbed into the stone, they will bead up on the surface. When cleaning and maintaining  it’s equally important to use cleaners specially formulated for your marble stone.

Marble Acid Etching

  • Acidic substances such as citrus, vinegar, wine and soda etch (or erode) marble. It’s important that these spills get cleaned as soon as possible. Always keep up with the maintenance on the sealing of your marble surfaces. When the pores are sealed the acid stays on the surface longer and less etching occurs.
  • Do not use a topical sealer. Topical sealers on your marble floors can scuff and come off.  Also, the porous nature of the stone can get air bubbles and attract dirt and oils. Penetrating sealers expand in the pores to become part of the stone while protecting it. acid etch removal las polishing table that has acid re-finishing in las polishing las polishers las vegas and henderson etch removal vegas marble etching removal cleaning

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