Reviews of Carbonated Solutions – Las Vegas,  Carpet, Tile, Grout, and Stone Cleaning

Best Carpet, Tile and Grout Cleaning in Las Vegas!!

The carpet and tiles had not been professionally cleaned since before the house was purchased (in 2006). In fact, I’m not sure they had ever been professionally cleaned. So I really was not expecting a miracle — but I got one! I was stunned at how well their carbonated solution technology worked. The carpet looked brand new when they finished! And the tiles were cleaner than I’ve ever seen them. Friends who came over later were also amazed. They could barely believe it was the same carpet and tile.
From the first phone call with Erika (if my memory serves) to final sign-off on the work, everyone involved with Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas was exceptionally helpful and polite. I did not have a large time frame to work with, so Chris, the owner, came over to do the estimate the second day after I made the initial phone contact. He measured the carpet and tile and grout to be cleaned, then wrote up an assessment and estimate. The assessment was thorough and correct, and the estimate was reasonable (and ultimately right on-target). Again, because my time was limited, Erika scheduled the technicians to arrive within two days of the estimate. Santiago called to let me know they were running late, which I appreciated. When he and Rocco got to the house, they were extremely thorough and patient. It was obvious they were juggling a very demanding schedule that day, but they gave my carpet and tiles all the needed attention. Nothing was shortchanged because they happened to be “slammed” that day. In fact, they spent at least an hour more on my house than originally estimated. They thoroughly vacuumed and swept first. Then they did their magic on the tiles and finally the carpet. Santiago and Rocco were an excellent team. They worked exceptionally well together, and both of them were polite, patient, and professional. They answered all my questions knowledgeably and courteously. Most of all, they used their special technology to its maximum effect. I never would have expected that my old, very soiled carpet could even be so clean again. But it is! And the same goes for the tile and grout.  I would recommend Carbonated Solutions to anybody in the greater Las Vegas area. Absolutely fantastic job, guys! I couldn’t be happier!
D. Hanley

Carpet and marble polishing experts

The day before we moved into our house, I contacted Carbonated Solutions to clean the carpets in our empty new home. They came on a Friday night and cleaned our carpet in about 5 hours. The rest of our house had marble floors and I asked them if they could clean the marble floors. They said they could come the next day (Saturday). They came and spent nine hours on cleaning, sealing, and polishing the marble floors. They did a great job on both the carpet and marble floors, despite the fact that two dogs had lived in the house before us. The finished marble floors have been especially durable and shiny, and nothing seems to scratch them. I would highly recommend them.
K. Risitic

Amazing carpet and upholstery cleaners!

 Since we were going to be replacing hallway and living room carpet, we hadn’t had carpets cleaned for two years or more. With two dogs, we were desperate to get the work done. They cleaned all carpeting within our home, including hallway, living room, den, home office, exercise room, and guest bedroom. They did the deodorizing as well.
The techs were great to work with. The lead also has dogs, so he understands what we’ll sacrifice for them. Their service is the FIRST carpet cleaners that we’ve had where the old stains didn’t reappear within a few weeks of the cleaning. They moved most of the furniture, even when I tried to help them out, which they kindly refused. I liked the scrubbing machines that they used, and that it was dry when they left. My spouse has always sworn by Stanley Steemer, but he’s changed his mind after seeing what a great job that Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas did.
H. Coombs

No more soggy wet carpets

“I love how clean and how ‘white’ the carpets get as they dry! I have two teenagers and two dogs – one of the dogs has a very sensitive stomach and she never goes more than two months before having a vomiting episode when we are at school/work. I find it unbelievable how Carbonated Solutions is able to get the green stains out. The servicemen are professional and hard working, and very loyal employees. I will never return to the other types of carpet cleaning. We feel the carbonated process is safe for all of us and dries almost immediately! THANK YOU CARBONATED SOLUTIONS”
J. Diehl


Professional and pleasant Las vegas carpet cleaning company

They were punctual, professional and pleasant.  I had purchased a deal through Angie’s List, but had much more tile than the package I purchased. They gave me the same price for the bulk of the additional square footage, which they didn’t have to do.  I knew the cost of all services before they started. The team was very thorough and I am very pleased with the results — the grout on the tile is so much brighter and the color is even; the carpet looks excellent and all traffic areas are bright and clean.
A. Parker

Las Vegas’ best carpet cleaners

We have a big house with lots of carpet real estate.  Knowing the work involved, my wife & I moved as much of the furniture out of the way as we could. The team at Carbonated Solutions came on time and did a top rate job.  The carpets were almost dry afterwards.  The even helped us move the furniture back..
M. Alazard

Pet friendly cleaning

We bought a new home that needed the tile floors cleaned.  With a pet, we wanted everything to be pet friendly and clean.  We called to make an appointment and they got back to us in the same day.  Carbonated Solutions was very flexible with scheduling the day/time that we needed, scheduling the tile and carpet cleaning back to back.
Carbonated Solutions called prior to arrival and were punctual.  After assessment, there were some additional repairs to the carpet that were pointed out, providing us with the opportunity to repair them.  The cleaning was very thorough and looked much better after they were done.  The carpets were cleaned by another company previously, not to our satisfaction.  Carbonated Solutions were able to do a much better job. We also received a follow-up call asking about our satisfaction with their cleaning services.
M. Peacock

Great cleaning results!!!

The cleaning technician called me 30 minutes before arrival.  He was very professional and explained everything he was going to do and gave choices for different options.  I have had my carpet cleaned many times and have never had results like this.  My carpet is 13 years old and it looks amazing.  It was dry in just a couple of hours.  I had all of my tile done downstairs and the grout sealed.  It too looks great.  I will definitely be using them next time.
S. Raleigh

Safe, non-toxic carpet cleaners.

The carpet cleaning technicians were professional, punctual, and did a great job.  I have never before had a carpet cleaner come armed with a vacuum.  I had just vacuumed, but they moved my sofas and found a lot of pet hair and vacuumed it up.  They also rake the carpet when needed, and move small items. They don’t use any scent, which is great for my asthma.  They did offer additional services, but didn’t push them.
D. Arteaga

Carbonated Solutions got the stains out!

Our grandson’s bedroom rug was so dirty that I didn’t even want to attempt to clean it, but my husband thought it was worth a try to save the expense of replacing the carpet.  We could not believe that the stains in the carpet completely came out.  The carpet is in amazing condition.
A. Lorgan

Very Pleased

I was very pleased with the outcome. The carpet in the family room, which gets a lot of use and was very dirty, cleaned up beautifully. They really did a good  job. There were two men and one did most of the tile, while the other man cleaned the carpet. I had two oriental throw rugs which they took to their warehouse and cleaned.
The cost was considerable more than I had paid in the past for carpet cleaning. However, my carpet had never looked so good for so long after being cleaned.  Usually, within a short time the spots begin to show again. With Carbonated Solutions, this has not occurred.  So it was definately worth the price.  The two men were very pleasant and went about their work with efficiency.
L. Cox

Happy to recommend Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas

Service was very good. I needed this job done last minute and with only a couple days notice. Apparently their office closes at 5 but Erika still answered the phone at 5:15 to book my appointment. Obviously they care about the business. Both she, and the service tech, Santiago, were very friendly and professional. I felt communciation was good throughout the process, they delivered on everything they said they would, and the finished product came out great. Also, they’d given me a 2 hour window in which the tech would arrive on the scheduled day…I let them know time was an important factor for me and I really needed the job done as early as possible. They got back to me right away to confirm the tech would be there promptly at the inital starting time requested, and he was, as promised. I will be happy to recommend them any time.
K. Finch 

Great job FRANKIE!!!

The company was very responsive and quickly scheduled us when we were ready to go.  Frankie called a half hour ahead of scheduled arrival, then showed up on time.  Great guy, very nice and a hard worker.  In addition to cleaning the carpets, we also had him clean our living room furniture.  He worked non-stop for hours and did a fantastic job.  I hope he’s available next time we clean our carpets.
C. Edwards

Best Carpet Cleaning Service Ever!

Carbonated Solutions stands out from the rest. They were on time, the two guys were very knowledgable, and knew how to remove a stain two other companies said was permenant. The carpets and upholstery really did dry completely in one hour…‎

Ejc2007 – Summerlin

Best Las Vegas Carpet Cleaner

My carpets came out great when Carbonated Solutions Of Las Vegas came out to my home to clean them. I had pet stains and odor that I thought would never come out and they came out. They were on time, very professional!


Jeannie27 – Anthem

I had the BEST guys come out and clean my sofa and chair. They did an amazing job. My furniture looked brand new. They both were very knowledgable, friendly, and curteous. I would highly reccomend this company Carbonated Solutions to my friends & family.

Gigi73 – Green Valley

Carpet & tile cleaning came out great!

Carpet, tile, and grout looks amazing. My carpets had pet stains and juice stains from our kids. They came out and I was amazed. My tile was really dirty and when Carbonated Solutions cleaned it, it looks brand new! I am very pleased with this company. I will use them again.

Eric1958 – Southern Highlands

Great Customer Service!

My carpet was really dirty and had alot of pet stains ( I have 3 dogs). When I called Carbonated Solutions they were very professional and were very helpful. When the two technicians got to my home, they were friendly and definitely knew what they were doing. My carpets look Fantastic! My pet stains were gone and my carpet looked like New. The price I paid was very reasonable and I will be using them from now on.

Pumpkineyes – North Las Vegas

Wonderful Carpet Cleaning Service

I have referred friends and family to this business already! They called to see if they could come early and did a wonderful job on our high traffic areas. Gave wonderful suggestions on how to preserve our carpet and offered product for spot treatment. LOVED IT and will use them again!

E. Hodges – Las Vegas

Strong customer service! Exceptional technical service!

I recently went through the pain of trying to find a company to clean 3 rooms of carpet, and my travertine floors. First most companies I called would not provide the “FREE” estimate that their advertisements said they offered. I finally got 3 companies to do a free in home estimate. One of these companies was Carbonated Solutions Of Las Vegas. The other 2 companies I won’t mention. I say this because they both arrived late, in street clothes, and in unmarked vehicles. This made me very sceptical to even answer my door. After they identified themselves, I let them in to provide a quote for the cleaning. One company didn’t even have a measuring tape or measuring device, he just “eyeballed it !” Not only that be he didn’t even know it was Travertine, he thought it was just “Tile”. The other company seemed to be in a rush, didn’t take time to answer any of my questions and just seemed like he didn’t want to be here. My wife and I asked ourselves what we were getting into?

The next day was our 3rd companies appointment, (Carbonated Solutions Of Las Vegas). They showed up on time with a courtesy call that he was 20 minutes away. Their vehicle and employee was clearly identifiable and clean. He took the time to answer my questions and concerns, and took the time to explain to me how to properly maintain my floors. After discussing it over with my wife we decided to use Carbonated Solutions Of Las Vegas.

Once again they were on time, provided an exceptional service, they were very polite & professional. The travertine floors came out so amazing I wish I could post the before and after pictures on here. Two days later I received a quality control call from their office making sure they stood up to our standards of service. This really impressed me! Service like this in Las Vegas is not easy to find. That is why I taken my time to let as many people as possible, know about this exceptional cleaning company Carbonated Solutions Of Las Vegas!

S. Raub – Aliante

Great Service

My carpet and upholstery came out fantastic! I am very happy with the service that I received. The technican was very friendly and knew what he was doing. I will be referring all my friends and family to use Carbonated Solutions Of Las Vegas.

Joeseph1096 – Rhodes Ranch

Keep Up The Great Work!

Had Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas come out to my home to clean my carpet & do some repairs. Very reasonable and knew what they were doing. My carpet still looks great and I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants a great job done!

T.I. LV. – Centennial Hills

Great Cleaning Results!

I had my carpet and upholstery cleaned. They came out great. They were on time, very professional, and the rates were reasonable. Technician Santiago was very knowledgeable. I am very happy with the service and the results. I will be using this company from now on. I already recommended friends and family to use them. Satisfied customer.

Mary C – Henderson

The Best Carpet Cleaning Decision I Ever Made!

I thought I would have to reupholster my sofa. (I have 2 dogs). Another company said that was the best they could do.(I used them regularly). Carbonated Solutions® of Las Vegas was on time, professional, and took the time to do it right! I will definitely call them for my carpets and highly recommend them.

They take pride in their work.

Thank You,

S. Strasser – Las Vegas

We didn’t think anything could remove these stubborn stains … Until we called you (Carbonated Solutions® of Las Vegas). Your technicians showed up on time, were very polite, professional and helpful. No pushy high pressure sale techniques, and the price was the same as when I was quoted over the phone. Three months later and my carpets still look and smell great. Other companies I have tried charged a lot more once they arrived at my home, carpets took two days to be dry completely, and were just as dirty as when I called them 1 week later. I’m so happy we found you. We will continue to use and refer Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas to all of our friends and family.

Thank you so much,

L. Cuellar – North Las Vegas

Thank you for your excellent service provided. Your technician Santiago was very professional, and more important, very honest. I will continue to use your service in the future.

G. Butler – Henderson

Great Results Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas did a superb job. I had stains that other carpet cleaning companies couldn’t take out and they came out. I was very pleased with your service. I plan to use you for my business.

N. Hernandez – Aliante

It’s nice to know that customer service still exists in Las Vegas! Both secretary and technician were very knowledgeable and friendly.

M. Gallo – Silverado Ranch

The carpets came out great! The young man even helped me move furniture that I’m not strong enough to move. Thank you so much Carbonated Solutions L.V.

M. Winfrey – Las Vegas