Carpet cleaning that dries in 1-2 hours not 1-2 days. www.carbonatedsolutionsoflasvegas.comUnderstand the Difference

Warning! Warning!

Don’t you dare call a carpet cleaner until you have read this important message:

Don’t just say “yes” to the lowest price. Make sure that there are No Hidden Costs. And make sure that the “Low Price” they give you is for more than a “Wet Vacuum Sweep”.

Why should you call Carbonated Solutions® of Las Vegas instead of a steam/shampoo company?

  1. Steam or shampoo can take hours to dry… with Carbonated Solutions® of Las Vegas your carpets and upholstery will dry in 1-2 hours. Steam or shampoo may resoil rapidly and your old stains may reappear.
  2. Carbonated Solutions® of Las Vegas’ environmentally friendly cleaning solution is like giving your carpets and upholstery a refreshing mineral bath! No soaps, surfactants, enzymes, solvents, polymers, phosphates or petro chemicals. They leave No dirt attracting residue, they have no reappearing stains.
  3. Carbonated Solutions® of Las Vegas guarantee – There is no fine print.