Las Vegas Carpet Carpet cleaners Las Vegas

Las Vegas carpet cleaners Carbonated Solutions. We start the cleaning process by vacuuming your carpets with commercial grade vacuum. Most Las Vegas carpet cleaners skip this process. We then apply our exclusive patented carbonating carpet cleaner,  No Soap Series™ at a low pressure. This patented, non-toxic carpet cleaning solution uses millions of tiny carbonation bubbles to release dirt and grime from your carpets. As the bubbles invigorate your carpet fibers, soil and stains are lifted to the surface and vacuumed away.

Low moisture carpet cleaning Las Vegas

Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas carpet cleaners use a minimal amount of moisture, so your carpets are fully dry and ready to enjoy in just 1 to 2 hours. On the other hand, Las Vegas steam cleaners drench your carpets with truckloads of sudsy water and harsh cleaners before attempting to suck it all back out. Your carpets are clean, but not for long. The layer of soapy residue left behind attracts stains and causes your carpets to get dirty much more quickly. Worst of all, Las Vegas steam cleaners can leave excessive amounts of moisture at the base of your carpets. Solutions of Las Vegas Green Carpet Cleaners, Eco carpet cleaners Vegas Carpet Cleaners Coupon 3 rooms $89A Difference You Can Feel

We live on our carpets. There is no better place for a family get together, curling up with a good book, or a Sunday afternoon nap. You shouldn’t have to worry about the chemicals left behind by Las Vegas carpet cleaners.  With Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas, you don’t have to. Simple. Strong. Safe.™  are the hallmarks of all our carpet cleaning products.

It’s The Bubbles

Surely, you have heard of using Club Soda to remove stains. It is amazingly effective. Ironically, Club Soda contains no inherent cleaning elements – the bubbles do the work. Our carpet cleaner No Soap Series™ acts exactly the same way. It is an active, effervescent solution that explodes dirt and grime from your carpet and lifts them to the surface where our carpet cleaners can remove them.

Las Vegas Carpet Cleaners That Makes Sense

Simple. Strong. Safe.™ , and ingredients copied from earths own resources–the choice is simple. Count on Carbonated Solutions carpet cleaners. Vegas Carpet Cleaning

Professional and courteous carpet cleaners

  • Fast drying carpet and upholstery cleaning (1 to 2 hours)
  • Cleaning that’s safe for your children and pets
  • Neutralizes most dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, pollen and other allergens
  • Neutralizes most pet stains in carpet
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Stain fighting Carbonated Solutions Protectant (like Scotch Guard)
  • Oriental and area rug cleaning pick up and delivery services
  • Tile and grout cleaning & grout sealing

Las Vegas Carpet Cleaners, Cleans Safer, And Dry in 1-2 Hours

  • Non-toxic carpet cleaning for family and pets
  • Safe, natural carpet cleaning solution
  • Removes most stubborn stains quickly
  • Zero residue carpet cleaning prevents recurring stains
  • Unique, patented carbonating carpet cleaner system
  • Pet urine removal treatment
  • Red Stain Remover
  • Hi-Rise / Condo Specialist / Property Management / Realtors

Reasonable Rates and Timely Service

  • Same day service often available
  •  Saturday appointments available
  • Licensed and insured
  • Ask about our carpet cleaner service guarantee!
  • All major credit cards accepted

What’s included in your carpet cleaning process?

  1. Carpet inspection
  2. Vacuuming carpet
  3. Stain treatment
  4. Moving of reasonable furniture
  5. Carpet cleaning
  6. Pile grooming
  7. Post spot cleaning
  8. Post inspection with customer

Why choose our Las Vegas carpet cleaners?

  • 30 day guarantee of reappearing spots
  • No hidden carpet cleaner charges
  • Prompt appointment times
  • Carpets are clean and dry in 1-2 hours
  • No soapy, sticky residue, or crunchy carpets
  • Clean cut uniformed carpet cleaning technicians
  • Industry certified carpet cleaner technicians
  • Always employees, we never hire sub-contractors