Mattress Cleaning Las

Mattresses are expensive, and you have invested in your sleep. You may not realize that you need to maintain your mattresses. With a regularly scheduled cleaning in order to protect your major investment, and get the best return on your investment.

Extend the life of your mattress with a regular cleaning.

A good mattress these days is expensive, and SHOULD last you years upon years. But wear, decay, sweat and bacteria all work together to break down your mattress even down to the very fibers, most of which can be prevented or slowed down with a regular mattress cleaning and sanitizing. Imagine changing your clothes daily but never showering – Consider the effects it would have on your body after a few days, or weeks, months, years! That is how you may be treating your mattress!

How long should a mattress last?

There are a myriad of factors that are involved in determining when you should replace your mattress, including the initial quality of the mattress, the weight and sleeping habits of the user, and perhaps most importantly, HOW WELL IT HAS BEEN CARED FOR. Manufacturer’s recommendations for the typical life of a mattress is between 8-10 years (see individual manufactures suggested terms, as each may vary).

Mattresses should be turned at least every other month to minimize the wear on the mattress, but what most people fail to keep up is the regular cleaning and sanitizing of their mattress. This has mostly to do with the lack of tools and knowledge to do so! Until now, there has not been an effective, comprehensive solution for cleaning your mattress. But now, with Mattress Cleaners, Inc., there is.

Did you know?

The weight of your mattress can easily DOUBLE in 10 years, from dust mites alone! The Wall Street Journal published an article that revealed this article, much to the shock and horror of the public. Between dust mites reproducing and thriving in your mattress, and years of dead dust mites, combined with their excrement and your sweat, all contribute to the increase of your mattress’ weight through the years. A new mattress is heavy enough! Think about the effects of increasing the weight of your mattress, from having to rotate it on a regular basis (frequently risking back injury), to decreasing the mattress’ comfort and effectiveness by being filled with debris. We can help! Regular mattress cleaning and sanitizing can prevent dust mite infestation in your mattress.

Mattress Life Span

Due to all of the variables described above, such as frequency of use and care, weight and sleeping habits of the user, and quality of mattress, the life span of your mattress can vary anywhere from 3 years on up to 10 years. You should carefully consider extending the life of your mattress with a regular cleaning and sanitizing of your mattress!

Our process is harmless to your mattress

Our safe, natural cleaning and sanitizing process using our patented mattress cleaning. We not use any harmful chemicals or treatments that would negatively affect your mattress’ quality. Our process is not only clean for your mattress, but also clean for the environment.

Having mattress cleaned will pulverize and extract all the dust mites, bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, harmful organisms and other sediment that accumulates in your mattress.


Your Quality Service Guarantee

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