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Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas’ travertine cleaning system employs a high performance hot water extraction system. We utilize high performance cleaning tools in conjunction with specially formulated travertine stone cleaning solutions. Our travertine cleaning achieves the highest levels of soil, bacteria, allergens, and contaminant removal. Utilizing this system produces a controlled, yet unlimited amount of rinsing water when cleaning travertine. When we clean travertine stone it whisks away maximum amounts of grit and soil and leave the travertine surface virtually residue free. Specialized hand detail tools and brushes are used for edges, corners, and hard to reach areas.

Travertine Sealing Las Vegas

After your travertine  is installed it needs to be sealed with an impregnator type sealer. Travertine sealers are designed to penetrate below the surface of the travertine and deposit solid particles in the pores of the stone. Travertine sealers also coat the minerals below the surface of the travertine stone. Water, oil, and soil are restricted from entering the natural stone. Always allow at least 72 hours after installation before sealing travertine. Travertine sealer needs to be re-applied for a number of reasons. Certain types of spills can actually damage or remove the protection that the travetine sealer offers. New natural stone may not have had a proper sealer applied when installed by the stone fabricator or installer. This protection level can also be have a negative impact by using improper cleaning agents, household cleaners, dishwashing liquids, as well as traffic or usage.

“Why should I seal my travertine?”

Sealing travertine stone and grout will be easier to clean, resist staining, and provide a safer healthier environment. Considering the investment, why wouldn’t you provide the travertine surface with the maximum protection travertine sealer possible?

“How often do I need to seal my travertine?”

If your travertine was sealed with a DuPont™ StoneTech® sealer that we use and you maintain it with a neutral PH daily cleaner, your travertine sealer should last 1-3 years. Traffic, usage and ongoing maintenance greatly affect the sealers durability.

“Is it necessary to seal travertine outdoors?”

The Las Vegas, southern Nevada outdoor environment can be very harsh on your travertine. There are things that can effect your travertine that are visable like pollen and dirt and then there are things that are not quite that easy to see like UV rays. You make an investment to your home by putting travertine stone in your yard, so it would be worth it to seal and preserve its natural beauty. Sealing your travertine with our DuPont™ StoneTech® Exterior Sealer will give you the maximum protection against rain, sprinklers, oils from trees and plants, and all of those wonderful and fun filled outside barbeques.

Travertine Polishing Las Vegas

Las Vegas travertine becomes worn and abraded by foot traffic and abrasive soils. Spilled liquids that contain acids can lightly etch your travertine. In the past, messy honing and polishing compounds were the only option to restore the shine and apperance of abraded or etched or lightly scratched travertine. Carbonated Solutions employs the use of polishing pads in conjunction only with water to safely and effectively restore the surface. Travertine can also be finished to produce the high gloss, shine, luster or matte appearance that you desire.

Travertine Restoration Las Vegas

If your travertines appearance has been impacted by deep scratches, Carbonated Solutions of Las Vegas will employ the use of resin bonded diamond grinding pads to restore appearance.  Our travertine restoration professionals also can fill holes and cracks in travertine. Our travertine cleaning, sealing, and polishing professional will be glad to provide you with a complete inspection of your travertine. We provide you with a free no-obligation in home estimate of what each recommended service will cost.

Travertine Cleaning and Care Las Vegas

When travertine is properly sealed, then most spots and spills clean up quickly. Life happens. It’s inevitable that spills and soiling will occur. Rapid and quick response is important, especially when dealing with spilled liquids.

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